Why Latin America ?

There is only Mexico in Latin America. With the Caribbean, this area constitutes a market of more than 545 million inhabitants and more than 500 billion dollars in imports. Comprised of a Hispanic mosaic, it represents an under-exploited market by the Canadian company. However, it is not too late to be interested in it, on the contrary, it is the moment!

Current challenges in Latin America

Several business people face specific problems by doing business with Latin American countries :

  • long response time to the queries;
  • financial information difficult to verify;
  • delays in the delivery of goods;
  • opposite person speaking only Spanish;
  • opposite person not entitled to decide;
  • etc.

Contacts Monde has developed an approved expertise in order to help you to take up all these challenges thanks to its consultation services portfolio, training and ground coaching as well as its wide business network.

Customized solutions

In order to face the challenges met in Latin America, CCM recommends to you :

  • to have patience;
  • to identify your objectives well;
  • to carry out an international analysis ;
  • to work out an international business plan;
  • to recruit Spanish speaking resources;
  • to anticipate and plan a visit to the target country;
  • etc.

Management of key tools

In order to guarantee the best chances of success in Latin America, the CCM experts can offer for your benefit :

  • their ground knowledge;
  • their expertise;
  • their management of the specific cultural aspects;
  • their wide business network ;
  • etc.

Interventions in Latin America

  • Development of markets:
  • Distribution of forest (Peru) and agricultural machinery (Colombia)
  • Impact studies, establishment of 911 systems (Brazil)
  • Research on the needs of the international business companies in Tunisia, Mexico, Brazil and Canada
  • Training : To carry out business in Latin America, To carry out business in Mexico, etc
  • Projects : Costa Rican initiatives for the development of international competitiveness,
  • Countries of intervention : Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela and many others

Some references

International organizations

  • Bancomext, Mexico;
  • Costa Rica Exporters Chamber;
  • Costa Rican Initiative for International Competitiveness (CIIC);
  • Etc

Federal and Provincial organizations (Canada)

  • Canadian International Development Agency;
  • Industry Canada;
  • Ministry of External Affairs and International Trade;
  • Ministry for International Relations;
  • Ministry for Economic Development, Innovation and Export;

Municipal or Sectoral organizations

Educational institutions

Private companies