The consulting firm Consultation Contacts Monde Inc.(CCM) specializes in consulting services and exports development strategies and training related to trade and international development for public and private institutions in sub-Saharan Africa North, North America and Latin America. Since 1998, our services are requested by the export promotion agencies (EPA) (ministries, agencies, industry associations) and SMEs in the context of development strategies for competitiveness, expansion and diversification of markets and the capacity of the private sector. The projects carried out by CCM and its partners are financed by international institutions such as the World Bank (WB), the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Canadian International Development Agency International (CIDA). CCM is recognized for it’s practical knowledge of organizational support for export and particularly African national structures, while remaining close to business and economic operators. Its, strenght are the convivial training and consultations, the use of information technology, in its vast network and its ethical and sustainable practice. Specialities include the manufacturing and food sectors.



1. Knowledge

  • Follow a training program adapted to your won reality
  • Learn in multimedia mode
  • Study on-line
  • Train your own trainers

2. Planification

  • Obtain an analysis, a thorough business plan and market research (our specialities : the manufacturing and agro food sectors)
  • Meet businesses partners
  • Establish a strong Internet strategy

3. Action

  • Improve your commercial agreements and distribution networks
  • Benefit from customized coaching
  • Recruit specialized personnel
  • Increase your profitability

Contacts Monde exists since 1998 and is a result of the collaboration of two international experts, Isabelle Limoges and Karl Miville-de Chêne, who are working in the international field since for more than 25 years. Our team includes three full-time people as well as various associates, according to the present records. We have a head office in Montreal as well as in Tunis, Algiers, Casablanca. We are also represented in Mexico, Ouagadougou, Abidjan, Lomé and Douala.


  • Consultation in marketing and market development
  • Training in trade and international processes
  • Support to export promotion organizations
  • Recruitment of specialized personnel in international trade

Our customers : companies and export promotion organizations (Governments, Chambers of Commerce, etc).

Our geographical specialities : Latin American markets, French and english speaking Africa.

Unique expertise :

  • extensive use of information technologies in the international field;
  • in addition to the requisite commercial analysis at the time of the project implementation, we carry out social impact analysis of the international projects and of the equality between the genders;
  • all our associates are minimally fully bilingual, and very often trilingual (French; English; Spanish; Arabic).
  • texts recognized by important editors In this respect, consult the synopsis of our book Le commerce international, published in August 2005 by Gaétan Morin, part of the Chenelière/McGraw Hill family. The Press Review section presents, some relevant articles with regard to it. We have similar publication in Tunisia and Morocco. Moreover, do not forget, to take note of the edition in the course of our monthly electronic bulletins (Canada and Tunisia).

Our credibility is linked to our practical experience as traders and SME representatives. We are also reputed experts and authors. We are equally active in our environment and are members of several professional associations.

The basis of our work is practical experience. Did you know that Contacts Monde accommodates a commercial firm in its offices ?

This is not a coincidence: Karl Miville-de Chêne, Chairman of Contacts Monde, is also the Chairman of his trading firm, Caravan Trade. The latter specializes in the coffee trade and has played its cards well in this very competitive field for more than 10 years. Our associate Karl Miville-de Chêne has founded since 1997 and operates a trading company specialized in coffee. Previously, he worked with several other companies specialized in food products.

Thus, the transfer of these competencies makes it possible for Contacts Monde to offer you a meaningful, real and practical consultancy in service in international trade. It is to be noted that this competency is directly reflected in the support and training approach that the company offers.

In addition, our partner Isabelle Limoges was Vice-President International Affairs of a large Quebec company in the environment sector (650 employees), consultant in a consulting firm in the Montreal region and consultant at Oxfam-Quebec. Over the years she managed and implemented a score of missions for her customers in South America and Africa.

Accreditations and networks :

  • Approved trainer, Emploi-Quebec
  • Association of Export Professionals (www.repex.qc.ca): founding member and Chairman of the board (since 2003).
  • Francophone Business forum : Vice-President Americas and member of the Executive committee (since 2003).
  • Member, Discussion Group on the Strategy of e-business of the Department of Economic Development, Innovation and Export (Quebec) (since 2003)
  • Quebec Association of Approved Administrators (www.adma.qc.ca) (since 1994).
  • Member, Quebec Businesswomen’s Network (www.rfaq.ca) (since 1994)

Our associates are members of several boards of directors, in the health and economic development field. Details are available on request.

Principles of intervention, code of conduct and generally recognized sound management principles : this is our framework. See the section Principles of intervention for more details