Karl Miville de Chêne
Main Skills
  • Has been working internationally since 1984
  • Is dedicated for over 25 years to promote exports, international trade development associations management, and support export and trade promotion organizations
  • Trainer and consultant recognized in Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa
  • Has developed several training programs
  • Has published many articles and books on international trade
  • Has trained many trainers from the organization of export promotion
Associate in International Trade Training Center (ITTC)
President of Ivorian Canadian Council for the Business Developpment   


Marc Doucet
Main Skills
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Expertise in multicultural environments;
  • International Expertise;
  • Ability to manage and influence change;
  • Strong experience in project management;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Bilingual (French / English), knowledge of Spanish and Romanian;
  • Proficiency in computer systems (ERP, Act, Microsoft Office).
Consultant with Consultation Contacts Monde
Director of MGS Energy Group




Paule Juneau
International Trade Master
Main Skills
  • 20 years of experience in international law, negotiation, organizational management and institutional support;
  • Great knowledge in international development, energy and environment;
  • Great communication skills and representation in various national and international symposium;
  • Ability to design and implement innovative solutions in various business areas and coordinate multidisciplinary teams
  • Analytical mind, creativity, high adaptability and integration.
Strategic Consultant in International Trade




Julie Forget
Master of Arts In Economic Development
  • Management consulting, development and environment; ;
  • Policies of the IFC, the African Development Bank and the World Bank;
  • Extratives industries, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing;
  • Process of socio-environmental acceptability and resettlement;
  • The monitoring systems of social development
  • Programs for the industrial SME’s development
  • Local Development and SME development.
SME Development Consultant




Denise Bergeron
Master of Training Management
Main Skills
  • Ability to communicate, coach and mentor;
  • Management and adaptation to change skills;
  • Multidisciplinary approach focused on results-based management and strategic planning
  • Animated by effective, ethics and quality project management ;
  • Bilingual.
Director of international project of education
School Management




Stéphane Willard
Consultant – International Trade
  • Stéphane Willard was the first professional to introduce new North American appliances since the revolution victory;
  • He has organized many international trade missions;
  • He organizes training and informational sessions in the international field;
  • President of the Regroupement des professionnels de l’exportation until 2009.
Last president of REPEX




Steve Marineau
MBA Global Business
Main Skills
  • Knowledge of foreign languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Chinese);
  • International expertise in negotiation, procurement and conflict resolution;
  • Strong experience in export or marketing of new products in emerging countries;
  • strategic consultant for SME start-ups or expansion phase.
Director – Global Consultex




Junia Barreau
Master in Economics and SME management
Main Skills
  • Expertise as Vice-Consul of the Haiti Republic in Montreal;
  • Economic and SME development analyst;
  • Knowledge in English and Spanish;
  • Received the Excellence Award of Francophonie from 2001 to 2003;
  • Proficiency in research and office software.
Auxiliary Teacher (econometrics)
University of Quebec in Montreal



Sylvain Pelchat
Business Development manager C-TPAT Expert
Main Skills
  • Expert in international trade;
  • Training specialist in international trade and business development;
  • Logistics and C-TPAT expert;
  • Expertise in entreprenership.
Expert in C-TPAT in International Trade Training Center (ITTC)
Business Development manager – Cargolution



Aldo Girardi
International Trade Specialist
Main Skills
International Trade
  • Design and develop the market studies and diagnosis for export;;
  • Manage the logistics of an international transaction;;
  • Monitor the international development and ensure BI;
  • Manage Customs processes (C- TPAT, PIP , AEO , HS Code , Incoterms , documentation) ;;
  • Manage trade missions;
  • Analyze costs for export;
  • Manage the international trade law ;;
  • Support the international payment ;
  • Support for the implementation of C- TPAT;
  • Manage conferences and seminars internationally.
Sales Manager / Marketing
  • Manage market research , monitor products and market trends;
  • Assess and monitor promotions;
  • Suggérer, promouvoir et vendre des produits;
  • Finalize sales and monitoring;
  • Establish distribution networks for products and services..
International trade expert advisor
DSE Solutions Consulting firm


Mohamed El Hail
Coordonnator of capacity consolidation for the Sub-Saharan Africa
Main Skills
  • Assess the government levels in sub-Saharan Africa to incorporate e-Learning and other modern approaches;
  • Provide technical and policy advice to the regional centers including e-Learning;
  • Provide workshops in leadership and management development for the benefit of governments in sub-Saharan Africa.
Consultant international et représentant régional pour l’Afrique subsaharienne

Consultant and Coach for private and public organization