Why French speaking Africa ?

French speaking Africa is a mosaic of countries (Maghreb, Sub-Sahara) and cultures; it represents a market that is under-exploited by the Canadian firm. However, it is not too late to be interested, on the contrary, it’s the moment !

Current challenges in French speaking Africa ?

Several business people face specific problems while doing business with countries of Maghreb or French-speaking Africa :

  • long response time to requests;
  • hard to trace financial information;
  • delays in delivery of goods;
  • opposite person not empowered to decide;
  • etc.

Thanks to its office based in Tunis (Tunisia), CCM has developed an approved expertise in order to help you to take up all these challenges thanks to its consultation services portfolio, training and ground support as well as its broad business network.

Adapted solutions

In order to face the challenges encountered in French speaking Africa, CCM recommends :

  • to arm yourself with patience;
  • to identify your objectives well;
  • to carry out an international analysis;
  • to define an adapted strategy;
  • to work out an international trade plan;
  • to recruit resources of African origin;
  • to envisage and plan a visit to the target country;
  • etc.


Management of key tools

In order to guarantee the best chances of success in French-speaking Africa, the Contacts Monde experts can tap for your benefit :

  • their ground knowledge;
  • their expertise;
  • their management of the specific cultural aspects;
  • their broad business network;
  • etc.


Interventions in French speaking Africa ?


  • Market development:
  • Research on the needs of the international trade companies in Tunisia, Mexico, Brazil and Canada
  • Management of the Francophone Business Forum Mission in Tunisia (Show SISE 2004 + Meetings with BAD)
  • Training : 3rd World conference of the Trade Promotion Organizations (Morocco), choice of a target market, etc.
  • Projects :
  • Development of new services for the Export House (Tunisia)
  • Technology transfer in hazardous material management, between a Montreal company and an Algier company
  • Countries of intervention: Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Morocco, Niger, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and many others.


Some references


International organizations


  • Center of Export Promotion (CEPEX, Tunisia);
  • Access Fund to Foreign Markets (FAMEX, Tunisia)
  • Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Craft (UTICA)
  • Morrocan Center of Export Promotion (CMPE)
  • Agency of Promotion of Exports of Ivory Coast (APEX-CI)
  • Etc.