Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Let s be honest here guys! I cannot vlog all day everyday. I wanted to do that once or twice but i never have the time and motivation to do so. I look up to … Will He Lyrics I got knots all up in my chest Up in my chest, up in my chest Just know, I m trying my best I m trying my best Cause when you look When you look When you laugh When 17 1. IMG 1744 by will H. 12. IMG 1796 by will H. 15. IMG 1684 by will H. 11. IMG 1683 by will H. 14. We launched the Rising Together TM coalition with Anthem Foundation, Coursera, Google, Indeed and Lyft to empower one million people to access sustainable careers by 2025. Ted Moscoso of Puerto Rico, Using LinkedIn as a Content Platform Here s my dirty secret Though I get to things early and can often see the future, I m not Nostradamus. I m not even Yoda. I m just the kind of person who shows new platforms the respect they deserve. I won t predict what platform will see 20 million users in a year, but once it feels to me like it will, I put my money and my time there, testing the waters, trying new formulas, until I figure out how to best tell my story in a way the audience for that platform wants to hear. Use panning to add drama to your videos Memes