How to Sell Your Gift Cards Online. 1. Find gift card brand. We accept physical gift cards, for Australia s most popular brands. Check out our list above. 2. See your offer. Enter the balance on your card for an instant payout offer. No obligation at this point. The overwhelming majority of gift cards in Australia are closed loop , which means they can only be used with a specific retailer or group of retailers. They are usually free, whereas open loop cards such as those issued by Visa can incur fees for purchase, redemption and the privilege of checking a balance. Unwanted gift cards sit at the back of wallets until they expire, but there s a growing number of savvy Australians who are selling their unwanted gift cards online, she said. Some buyers are saving 20 or 30 per cent, picking up an unused $100 iTunes gift card for just $80. Among the best deals around are unwanted retail store gift cards. From 1 November 2019, most gift cards must be valid for at least three years must clearly show the expiry date, and can t include any post-supply fees. In 2017 one in seven gift cards purchased in Australia went unused, which is an estimated 1.9 million people either being too lazy to use the card, losing it or forgetting that they have it. Over $148 million was wasted last year by not redeeming gift cards. Stylehive If you abandon the conventional graphics of advertisements and adopt editorial graphics, your campaigns will become islands of good taste in an ocean of vulgarity. We stepped out of the elevator and stood facing the hall leading to our rooms. Heavy users You want to say the blessing? Big Roy asked me.