Gift Cards can be purchased on or by phone at 212-239-6200. They are also available at the box offices of participating Telecharge venues. Gift Cards are available in any dollar amount from $25 to $500. Only one Gift Card may be purchased online at a time. For multiple cards, please call 212-239-6200 or 800-447-7400. Call s customer service phone number, or visit s website to check the balance on your gift card. Need to buy another gift card? Browse our selection of cash back and discounted gift cards, and join millions of members who save with Raise. We offer average savings of … The amount on the gift card constitutes the value at time of purchase. Purchases are deducted from the gift card balance. If an order exceeds the amount on the gift card, the balance must be paid with a credit card or other available payment method. If a card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, Telecharge will replace it if you provide the card number. The Telecharge Gift Card is the easiest, most flexible way to give the gift of theatre tickets. Gift Cards are available in any amount from $25 to $500 and may be redeemed for tickets to shows Telecharge sells — online, by phone, and in person at the box office. 1. Gift Card Amount Note Gift Cards are available in any dollar amount from $25 to $500. Only one Gift Card may be purchased online at a time. For multiple cards, call 800-447-7400. Please enter a gift card message without special characters , $, , , , etc. or line breaks. The message must be 255 characters or less. T o celebrate Mad Men s sixth-season premiere, GQ announced Happy Mad Men Day! on Tumblr, accompanying the post with a photograph of many of the show s characters indulging in yet another cocktail hour. Here s why it scored more than two thousand notes I must be famous if word has made it to Eloe, Louisiana. I guess the entire Negro Nation subscribes to Ebony . I don t know if you have seen the article, but even if you have, let me explain. Even if you haven t, I want you to understand exactly what happened. Fastlane Winners Are Forged at the Redline Winners are forged at the Redline. What s the Redline? The Redline is pure, unadulterated commitment. Both Briscoe and Moss have important insights to share. Briscoe reminds people to keep posting and experimenting. Don t be afraid to not have the perfect content because that doesn t exist. You can t please everyone with just a single post, he says. Because members supply most of the information in their own profiles, business pages, and showcase pages that LinkedIn uses for targeting, you have to accept that self-revealed information may not always be accurate. LinkedIn generally allows you to select multiple items in a category or offers you the chance to drill down so that you can narrow a field. Categories include the following Job title Choose C-suite executives, purchasing agents, members of technical staff, and more. Job function Select from engineers, human resources, or marketing, for example. Company or industry Select from dozens of drill-down categories. Member schools Choose different schools and types of schools. Fields of study Target academic experience. Degrees Reach members by levels of education. Years of experience Choose targeted audience based on how long they ve been working and doing business. Member skills Target specific levels and areas of expertise. Company size Based on the number of employees. Company name Great for targeting everyone on LinkedIn who works for a large multinational corporation for example, everyone who might need your travel services. Job seniority Position in firm, such as owner. Member age Standard demographic choices. Member gender Standard demographic choices.