TabSite s Sweepstakes is fully compliant with Facebook s Promotion Policy. Step by Step Sweepstakes Guide First, TabSite users should go to the TabSite manager and on the tab that you want to have the Sweepstakes on, we recommend you use the TabSite widgests and tools to create your page layout, background, header, footer, etc. The Sweepstakes App, allows you to easily create and run a Sweepstakes on a website, mobile device or Facebook Page. Create your sweepstakes including ability to set a go-live time to automatically turn the sweepstakes on off, build a custom form specific to your needs and language, and customize your message with text, images, and an optional countdown timer. Step by Step Sweepstakes Guide In the TabSite Manager go to the Add App tab Scroll down the page and then stop at the Contest Apps. Seek for the Sweepstakes App and then tick the Add button . The App Builder page shows up in the screen after you click the Add button. TabSite s Sweepstakes PLUS is fully compliant with Facebook s Promotion Policy. How to Setup the Sweepstakes PLUS App? In the Manager section then select the Add App tab. Next, scroll down to the section called the Sweepstakes PLUS Apps. Locate the Sweepstakes PLUS App and click the Add button to create the app. The TabSite Small Agency and Enterprise platforms enable Agencies and Web Design firms to have a white label web software where they can manage unlimited apps and grant client access as needed. All while maintaining complete control within their own private manager area. Includes ability to run 1 campaign across multiple sites Pages! You re going to think that this is about another man, but this is about the two of us, about our delicate cord that has been shredded by your incarceration. At your mother s funeral, your father showed what the connection is between husband and wife. If he could have, he would have gone into the grave instead of her. But they lived under one roof for more than thirty years. In some ways they grew together and grew up together, and had she not died, they would have grown old together. That s what a marriage is. What we have here isn t a marriage. A marriage is more than your heart, it s your life. And we are not sharing ours. Click the Pin It button at the bottom of the dialog box. Celestial looked out the window as the skinny pine trees whipped by. I don t feel good about this, Roy. Let s go home. She nodded at Andre for confirmation. So you re the neighbor? Couldn t have been one bird, adtothebone. Sounds more like 4.5 million. Seriously, we did the math.