THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER! I hope you ll enjoy your new shiny pokemon. The giveaway is first come first served, and I ll give out each pokemon listed only once. … I m offering a Shiny Crustle, Venusaur, Alolan Exeggutor-, Magikarp-, or Porygon-Z for either of them all shiny, acquired on Pokemon Go and either already transferred or waiting to … Shiny Solgaleo OT Eclipse, ID 100419 Shiny Necrozma OT ID 000132 JPN These two might be hacked cause I got it from other trades. What I m Looking For. Shiny Tapu Bulu and Shiny Spiritomb. Shiny or non Shiny Legendaries from Max Lairs. Shiny and non Shiny Mythical Pokemon such as Genesect and Diancie. News about the shiny Giveaway. Shiny Eevee. Giveaway drawing 1. What should I go for next. Shiny Lilligant from YouTuber. Shiny Zygarde Code Giveaway. Shiny Crabrawler. … Shiny Female Crustle. Shiny Female Surfing Pikachu. Shiny Yveltal. Shiny Floatzel. Quick Update. Shiny Arcanine in Let s Go. XD. Shiny Pikachu in Let s Go. Special Giveaway 14 Dex Helper Leftover Giveaway 5 Scheduled Giveaway Hiatus Sun Moon Flash Giveaway 1 147 Dratini, , level 1 132 Ditto, n a, level 30. Sun Moon Flash Giveaway 2 Breeding Ground 132 Ditto, n a, level 30 663 Talonflame, , level 100. Sun Moon Flash Giveaway 3 359 Absol, … Your service sucks. 2. Admit fAstlane supercharger Admit that the preordained path to wealth, Get Rich Slow, is fundamentally flawed because of Uncontrollable Limited Leverage, weak mathematics predicated on time Wealth Job Markets . Admit that Get Rich Quick exists. Admit that no plan is not a good plan. Admit that luck is the residue of engagement. What s up, Roy? 1 They take three months when I only have three weeks. When Eisenhower was President, the White House called Dr. Gallup one evening at six o clock. Eisenhower wanted to know the state of public opinion on an important issue of foreign policy. The report had to be on the President s desk at eight o clock the next morning. Gallup sent for six of his henchmen and dictated three questions. Then each of the henchmen telephoned six interviewers in different parts of the country, and they interviewed ten people each. By midnight they had called in their results. Gallup tabulated them, wrote his report and dictated it to a White House stenographer. The report was on Eisenhower s desk two hours before it was due. But with every model, with every initiative, the car companies have to start over from scratch. They have no idea which ads you ve seen and which you haven t and no continuity from one broadcast ad to the next.