If you have a Rite Aid Gift Card, or Rite Aid Merchandise Return Card, you can conveniently check the balance 24 7. All you need is the number located on the reverse side of your card. To check the balance of your Rite Aid Gift Card, please enter your 19 digit account number and 4 digit pin number and click SUBMIT. NO PIN, NO PROBLEM!! Just call 1-800-256-9595 to retrieve your balance. Rite Aid Gift cards are available for purchase at your local Rite Aid. For large quantities purchases, please click here. How To Do the Rite Aid Gift Card Balance Check Over the Phone Another method for finding out the current value of your Rite Aid gift card is contacting the company s customer support. It s also a great alternative in case the online service is down or you have a card without a security code. Gift Card Balance Inquiries Each gift card in the Rite Aid gift card program is redeemable only up to the available balance of the card. Therefore, it is important that each card owner track the balance of his or her gift card. To inquire about the balance of a gift card, a gift card owner should Check Your Rite Aid Online Only Gift Card Balance Call Rite Aid Online Only s customer service phone number, or visit Rite Aid Online Only s website to check the balance on your Rite Aid Online Only gift card. Need to buy another Rite Aid Online Only gift card? Chapter Summary Fastlane Distinctions Tekel Syndrome sufferers are polygamist-opportunists who opportunity hop. A weak business commitment commits you to weak assets. Weak assets do not accelerate wealth. The most successful entrepreneurs lived their business and were 100 committed to it. Successful business monogamy can lead to successful business polygamy. Generally speaking, Goertzel s cognitive architecture, called OpenCog, represents an engineered, computer science approach. Computer science-based researchers want to engineer AGI with architecture that works in a way similar to the way our brains work, as described by the cognitive sciences. Those include linguistics, psychology, anthropology, education, philosophy, and more. Computer science researchers believe that creating intelligence exactly the way brains do reverse engineering the organ itself as recommended by Kurzweil and others is unnecessarily time-consuming. Plus, the brain s design is not optimal programming can do better. After all, they reason, humans didn t reverse engineer a bird to learn how to fly. From observing birds, and experimenting, they derived principles of flight. The cognitive sciences are the brain s principles of flight. Now you have some pins to look at. A Money Tree That Never Grows A successful business isn t fun and games, especially one that violates the Commandment of Time. Often people get into business with the wrong idea of what it will be like. Fueled by gurus and life coaches, many are misled, believing that be your own boss and do what you love is enough motivational fire to sprout success. Unfortunately, these would-be business owners merge onto roads that may as well trail a path through desert. And sorry, money trees don t grow in the desert. Remember that night? You had me out here trying to be Superman.