Visit the PlayStation Network Status page. Please wait until the lights are green before trying to enter the code. Sign out of Account Management on web browser or exit PlayStation Store and sign back in to refresh your account. PlayStation Store voucher code is damaged How to Fix Unable to Redeem Code PS4 – PSN Gift Card Not Working Some ppl have been having issues with ps4 error, ps4 error wc 365475, wc-36547-5, ps4 inva… I bought a $20 voucher, which I was calling a prepaid card. On my ps4 I tried to redeem the voucher, the network recognized the card as it would ask me to confirm adding the $20. Posted October 23, 2014. Hello all, I m going to try not to sound like a prick in this post. So I bought a 50 dollar PSN card right. And it doesn t work. I tried it on my PS3, PS4, PSVita, the PS mobile app, the PS store website, nothing. It s value is 50 dollars, which is a decent bit to me. I m agitated. Thing is, when I enter the code, each … Buy a PlayStation Store gift card from an online retailer and they will email you a code to redeem via our digital store on your PlayStation console or via any web browser. PlayStation Store is our digital store that s open 24 7, offering the largest library of PlayStation content in the world. Choose from thousands of games, from indies to … People are definitely a company s greatest asset. It doesn t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps. Mary Kay Ash If you aren t off the Sidewalk taking action and engaging in process, you will never realize luck. Luck is always perceived to be a matter of event you win the lottery, you win a sweepstakes, or you find a 200-year-old painting in the attic worth millions. Again, more falsities. Like wealth, luck is not an event but an aftereffect of process. Luck is the residue of process. Table 1-4 lists tools for monitoring blogs and forums tools for news, RSS, and geolocation sites tools for Twitter and some high-end tools at the enterprise level. You can always search for free tools in each category to get more options. In today s infoglut, people are more selfish than ever. And they re most selfish about their time and attention. Without a really good reason, you re not going to grab a piece of their most precious resource. The rest of your boards should represent what you do without pushing sales or traffic.