Plastic Jungle has a consumer rating of 1.9 stars from 21 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Plastic Jungle most frequently mention customer service problems. Plastic Jungle ranks 55th among Gift Cards sites. View ratings trends. Plastic Jungle seemed to be one of the most well-known companies and was recommended by reputable financial sites, so I went with it. They offered me $82 which I guess is a little low, but was comparable to quotes I received from other gift card sites. When it comes to gift cards, I m usually happy to receive them. However, I ve also let cards languish because I wasn t thrilled about the store or because the store wasn t local to me. But then I discovered a few gift card exchange sites such as Plastic Jungle, which can help me swap the card I have for one I d be happier to use. So … PLASTIC JUNGLE. At Plastic Jungle you can trade your gift cards, sell or buy gift cards with a lower price than the face value. Don t be fool to do business with them, their customer service is extremely poor, it takes a very long time to ship your gift cards and after you place the order even if it hasn t been shipped you can t make no changes … eceived a gift card for PFChangs restaurant as a present. sender did not realize distance from where we live and location of restaurant. with price of gas we looked on internet for a place to sell card. plastic jungle sent us free mail sticker to mail card to them and they agreed to send us 43.00 on a $50.00 card. we agreed and sent card. it is 6 weeks and we have not received payment check … To download the data in Insights, click the Export tab in the top-right corner of the dashboard, as shown in Figure 4-2 . This may not work with all browsers. You can specify the following The date range for which you want to get data Whether you want data in Excel or CSV comma-separated values format Whether you want to see data at the page level or for each post or video Shane McConkey and JT Holmes arrived in Italy for their shot at the double ski-BASE on March 25, 2009. After a few days scouting locations, a day spent nailing a ski-BASE single, not double off the 8,612-foot Sossongher, and a couple more lost to bad weather, they took the cable car to the top of the Sass Pordoi, a 9,685-foot mountain in the Dolomites. She let me kiss her, which was a positive sign. I could taste the pink champagne on her lips. We were out of our clothes when she bit me hard on the ear. You are such a liar. Then she stretched across to my nightstand and produced a shiny foil pack. Wrap it up, mister. You can t do this like that, she said. This is too much on me at one time. She pulled away and walked to my bedroom and closed herself in with a little click of the knob. I could have pursued her. A paper clip could best the catch, but when a woman shuts you out, picking the lock won t let you back in. https download