You can return most items for store credit redeemable on within 30 days of delivery. The following will apply Only outbound shipping charges for damaged orders will be refunded. All other shipping charges are non-refundable and will automatically be deducted from the refund credit amount. Returns You may not return or cancel your Pier 1 Imports Gift Card after it is received. Purchasers who wish to cancel a Gift Card purchase order prior to its delivery to a recipient should contact Customer Support. Lost or Stolen Gift Cards You can no longer use your Pier 1 Credit Card, but a new Pier 1 Credit Card and Rewards program is in development and will be available soon. Can I still use my Pier 1 gift card? No, unfortunately, all Pier 1 gift cards and store credits issued before September 1, 2020, will not be honored on our site. Does Pier 1 still have free shipping? Important updates regarding Pier 1 gift cards, our return policy, and other programs. LEARN MORE With recent changes to Facebook s algorithm, marketers have noticed a decrease in traffic and engagement with their Facebook pages. Facebook has made changes to the way brands operate for a few reasons. The first is that they don t want brands to spam the Facebook community. So, although they don t mind brands selling on Facebook, they don t want sales pitches and pleas for interaction to make for an unpleasant experience for users. Using LinkedIn as an online resume https about location As a rebellious teen, Mother lobbed a you ll see at me after she surrendered to my pleadings for an off-road motorcycle. Mother didn t like the idea and levied her missive you ll see. It didn t take long for that you ll see to come true.