When a person clicks the Buy Now button of the coupon code form, the form information is sent to a PHP script. The PHP script authenticates the coupon code the person entered. If the coupon code is valid, the PHP script redirects the browser to a PayPal payment page with the coupon price for the product. This sample code shows a basic Buy Now button that Offers a Buy one, get one free discount. To receive the discount, the buyer must purchase two of the item the second one is free 100 discount . Prompts buyers to specify item quantities. Paypal discount code with buy now button. Ask Question Asked 10 years, 4 months ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed 2k times 1. 1. I ve created a paypal buy now button and integrated it successfully. When testing I notice that once I reach the paypal site there s an option to redeem a voucher, reward or other discount . I m trying to add a discount code to the paypal button, The javascript works and says the discount code is valid but isn t taking the discount off the amount when you click the buy now button to pay. var discnt 0 no default percent discount var coupons new Array place to put coupon codes coup1 , 1st coupon value – comma … PayPal www.google.com bookmarks Because you generally don t pay social media services, social media marketing is incredibly appealing as a cost-effective substitute for paid ads. You can convert the advertising metrics in the following sections to compare the cost effectiveness of your various social media efforts or to analyze social media outlets versus other forms of promotion, online and off. With focus and foresight, smart humans should be able to create intelligence at a human level much faster than natural selection. Another NFL football player made a choice and it cost him his life. You d never think that cheating on your wife could end so tragically. It did for Steve McNair when his mistress allegedly shot him to death in a Nashville, Tennessee, condo. While he didn t choose to be murdered, he chose to pursue the woman. He chose the relationship. He chose to cheat. He chose to act. You see, we aren t just talking about ONE choice here but many that make him complicit to the treason. Steve McNair s choices loaded the gun but someone else pulled the trigger. analysis of hypothetical disasters Terrorism and the Emp Threat to Homeland Security. Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate One Hundred Ninth Congress First Session , March 8, 2005, http www.gpo.gov fdsys pkg CHRG-109shrg21324 pdf CHRG-109shrg21324.pdf accessed March 1, 2010 . Significant disruptions in any one of these sectors Lynn III, William, United States Department of Defense, Remarks on the Department of Defense Cyber Strategy, last modified July 14, 2011, http www.defense.gov speeches speech.aspx?speechid 1 5 93 accessed February 8, 2012 .