The idea for the car giveaway came from Oprah s friend Gayle King, who sat next to someone from Pontiac on a flight and struck up a conversation. The show had originally asked Pontiac for 25 … Oprah car winners hit with hefty tax. Like any prize, the value is counted as income winners must pay up to $7,000 or forfeit the car. September 22, 2004 7 05 PM EDT. NEW YORK CNN Money … But as for the big G6 giveaway episode, Oprah got her iconic you get a car moment, the network got unprecedented ratings, Pontiac s marketing team got a ton of buzz, and at least some of … Why Oprah s quietly mailing surprise $15K checks to people. … The TV host s latest gifting may lack the pizzaz of her infamous car giveaway of 2004, but this time she s made sure her recipients … READ MORE Why Oprah s Car Giveaway Is the Most Epic Talk Show Moment Ever Alas, scandal wasn t far behind. For one thing, the gift wasn t really from Oprah at all. Pontiac had donated the … 5 . https Casper status 963430562731036672 . If you re struggling for motivation, re-energize your dream and align it with a road capable of burning a trail to its reality. Dead dreams can t burn trails of passion. Passion fires your will to do what is necessary beyond what others can t. Fastlaners work unlike everyone else so they can live unlike anyone else. Take four years of hard work in exchange for 40 years of freedom. Unfortunately, most people take 40 years of hard work for four weeks of freedom, or however long their paid vacation time lasts. Mobile app analytics for usage, category benchmarks, and audience segmentation Once a permission base is built, it is possible to leverage it. When you have permission to talk with relevance and personalization to a large number of people, you can piggyback new messages to the group and dramatically increase profits. Here are some of the things you can discover when you access your administrative functions New likes The number of new likes for the current week is posted in the right sidebar next to your cover photo. Post reach When you access your Insights dashboard, you ll see the reach of all current posts as well as other handy analytics , which tells you how many people viewed your Facebook posts for the week. Private messages If you choose to have the messaging option available, your fans can send you messages that no one else can see. Your notifications tab will tell you when you have a new message. Notifications When there s new activity on your page, a red button appears at the Notifications link at the top of the page. The button also displays a number indicating how many activities have occurred.