Whether online or off, there are a host of laws that every contest holder must follow or risk significant fines or, in some states, criminal prosecution. Giveaway laws in the U.S. cover sweepstakes, contests, and lotteries. Sweepstakes and contests have been used by marketers for decades to create awareness for their product or service. When you run any sort of giveaway or prize promotion such as a contest or sweepstakes it s important to ensure that you re complying with all relevant laws, rules and regulations.. To help you start putting together your campaign we re going to take you through all the U.S. legal requirements and laws that you need to be aware of to run your own legal and regulation compliant giveaway. A Giveaway is technically not a legal term at all, but can be used interchangeably with the term Sweepstake in blog posts or conversationally. But when you are using legal terms such as in your rules and regulations , you should use contest or sweepstake. Enter ALL these cash giveaways for the most chances to win! You can easily enter these sweepstakes online. The entry process usually takes 1-10 minutes. Sometimes all you need to do is enter your email. Other times, you ll need to fill in an entry form with your address and contacts so they can contact you if you win. In the United States, Internet sweepstakes and contests focus on federal laws against online gambling. The following is a list of verbiage and other information that social media contest rules … Comparing the costs of customer acquisition Researchers The onslaught of data from social media sites can be overwhelming. To garner some value from all the noise, you can take advantage of certain tools to monitor what s being said about your company. SEO learning resource with tools and community support. Time Perception How is your time valued and treated? Abundant? Fleeting? Inconsequential?