Are you looking for sites like MTurk? There are great alternatives to Amazon Mechanical Turk that can pay you more. These sites are basically microtask sites, that is they provide you with a short task which is relatively quick and easy to do. Let s dive into it. What Is MTurk? MTurk is a short-form for Amazon Mechanical Turk. Anyway, on to the revenue streams where you can earn with websites like Amazon Mechanical Turk. Let s begin with the Amazon Turk alternatives Sites Like MTurk for Passive Income. You can take a stab at money-making apps and other reward sites to earn passive income online. 1. Swagbucks Best MTurk Alternative Here we have some Mechanical Turk alternatives. There are several reasons why you might want to check them out and get yourself established on them Levels of work can fluctuate on all micro work sites. Having other sites like MTurk to turn to gives you other options. Not everyone gets accepted to Mechanical Turk, and sometimes accounts get … Platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk. Now see the below list of best similar website of mTurk. In this list there have mturk uk equivalent website also. Clickworker. We believe that Clickworker is the best platform to perform real-time tasks on the Internet. It is a service that allows you to find workers on the Internet and pay them for their … FIGURE 1-1 Each pin includes buttons for sharing or repining, liking, and commenting. Try to use appropriate search terms in category names, tags, text, or titles when you submit your site. Select terms that searchers are particularly likely to use. Generally, you can find those terms in traffic statistics for your website or in tag clouds a graphic display of search terms that appear in an article, with the most frequently used terms appearing in a large font from the target service. Read about tag clouds in Book 2, Chapter 2 . Enter your site in as many categories as possible. Eventually, Tamar gathered up her little boy, zipping him into a puffy coat that looked like something an astronaut might wear. Roy and I were both sorry to see her go. It was as though we were her parents, and she our busy, successful daughter who could spare only a few minutes for a visit, but we were grateful for every single second. We stood in the doorway, waving as she looked over her shoulder to ease out of the driveway. As she pulled away, her headlights became two more glowing lights on this block bedazzled for the holidays. My own house was dark I didn t even bother to hang the spruce wreath I d bought a month ago. Old Hickey was festive, though. A string of lights candy-caned up the thick trunk. This was Andre s work, his effort to assure himself that everything would be all right. GIFs, 160 162 Good Money Versus Big Money There is a difference between good money, big money, and legendary money. Good money is $20,000 month.