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So we look at Jaws and feel fear, dread, and awe because that s what evolution designed us to feel. But that s not what Ian Walsh felt. Kurzweil writes that the brain has about 100 Dartmouth University computational neuroscientist Rick Granger claims each neuron in the brain is connected to many tens of thousands of other neurons. This would make the brain much faster than Kurzweil estimated in The Age of Spiritual Machines and The Singularity Is Near. If it s much faster, it s computer equivalent in speed is farther away. But, considering LOAR, not a lot farther. That makes about 100 trillion interneuronal connections Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines New York Viking Penguin, 1999 , 103. The title of fastest supercomputer Bodkin, John, With 16 petaflops and 1.6M cores, DOE supercomputer is world s fastest, Ars Technica , June 18, 2012, http information-technology 2012 06 with-16-petaflops-and-1-6m-cores-doe-supercomputer-is-worlds-fastest accessed September 10, 2011 . 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Stubborn Ebenezer was still standing, a proud reminder of her famous son, whose marble tomb and eternity flame kept watch next door. When I was twenty-four, living in New York City, I thought that maybe black love went that way, too, integrated into near extinction.