Also note that Amazon is only giving you a gift card, which you have to use on Amazon. And it s difficult to spend exactly $50. As a practical matter, most people will buy, say, $60, with $10 of that money. So they sell you $48 of merchandise their cost, assuming a 20 margin for $10. There are dozens of legitimate online survey panels who offer Amazon as a cashout method. Typically, denominations are $10, $25, $50, etc., although there are some survey sites who will allow you to request cards as low as $5, and occasionally, even $1! Fake Survey Scams You come across a website that claims to offer Amazon Gift Cards in exchange for multiple survey responses and asks for personal information such as your credit card number, social security account information, or banking information. While some third party entities are authorized to distribute Amazon gift cards in exchange … Apart from the Amazon Survey email fraud, there are other similar ones like Amazon Rewards Event and Win a $1000 Amazon Gift Card. They are all different, for example, Amazon Rewards Event scams appear as malicious ads that attack the browsers of any device, while Amazon Shopper Satisfaction Survey is more likely to arrive as an email. While Amazon Rewards Event is a fake lottery that claims to thank loyal users, there are also Amazon Shopper Satisfaction Survey , which claims to offer vouchers for completing an Amazon survey really, it s made by scammers , and the Win a $1000 Amazon Gift Card virus, which is also a distinct fraudulent pop-up that offers a … Another example of unconventional is to break convention by mocking it, or interrupting it. Remember the Energizer bunny? It s still going and going. These commercials built a brand based on unconvention-the advertiser created a series of standard, boring marketing messages and shattered them with sudden interruptions of the Energizer bunny. The marketer anticipated your familiarity with convention ugh, another boring commercial and shocked the audience by interrupting that boredom with a pink rabbit. recognized these commercials as one of the top 100 campaigns of all time. There are a lot of vested interests here. Most ad agencies, for example, want and need the Web to be a broadcast medium, not a direct medium. As agencies have seen their traditional business get hammered, most have built Web divisions. However, almost without exception these divisions are modeled exactly on the TV model. They have creative departments stocked with sullen twenty-five-year-olds in black churning out cool Web sites, and media departments looking to buy ad space. I do not subscribe to the American or British style of politicking. I am not sure in Europe today whether they dig into your family affairs, but in America, they do. So they play up Michelle Obama, the children, the dogs, and so on. Maybe it gives them a better sense of the family, but how does that help them in deciding whether Obama is a good president and whether he is concentrating on the right things to get the economy going? 36 Review all requests for inclusion on your blog roll or reciprocal link offers. Make sure that the requesting site is relevant, has a decent page rank, and is one that you feel good about recommending. If UNICEF ever starts displaying its incredible photo collection with some thought to how to tell the Pinterest audience its many stories, it should start to see some impressive activity.