Use a Dedicated Email Address to Enter Sweepstakes Setting up a dedicated email address to use only when you enter sweepstakes helps you recognize legitimate win notifications, avoid spam mail, and detect scams. Set up a free email account and be sure to check it at least once a day. 3. The blog series marches on! This post is the second of our Words of Wisdom series, where we will share some of our top tips that we have learned over the course of hosting promotions for the past 10-years. In addition to our Instant Win post, we will also share tips for Random Draw Sweepstakes, Voted, and Judged promotions. When you enter most sweepstakes, you have to wait until the giveaway ends and a winner is drawn before you know whether or not you will receive a prize. With instant win sweepstakes, however, you know as soon as your entry goes through. The winning message will pop right up on your computer screen if you are an instant winner. Instant sweepstakes are organized as regular sweepstakes, but the prize is usually of much lower value. For example, a sweepstake prize may be $10,000, while the instant win prize is usually $5 to $500. You typically enter online by providing your name, email and physical address, and sometimes a phone number via the company s website. Tips and Advice for Playing and Winning Online Instant Win Games Here s some hints that just might help you get that instant winner prize-winning moment when you receive the message that you won a prize! HINT 1 Make sure you follow all the official rules and check to make sure you are eligible to play. Preparing to Calculate Return on Investment Celestial picked Howard University, although her mother voted for Smith in Massachusetts and her dad endorsed Spelman. But whatever Celestial wanted, Celestial got, so they bought her a gray Toyota Corolla she named Lucille, and she set out for the nation s capital. I halfheartedly tried to meet up with her when Morehouse played Howard for homecoming. My girlfriend at the time wasn t keen on meeting Celestial even she could tell from the way I pronounced her name that my feelings were more than friendly. As for design, you can look up WordPress themes online and upload one to your blog, or you can hire a designer for a more custom look. Most brands choose to have their blogs blend in with their website and match their logos, so they opt for a custom design. You have to have an existing personal LinkedIn account to create a company page. If you make up a fake account and LinkedIn suspects you re using a fake account, you receive notification and your page may become unpublished. Local