The key objective of any good tournament sweepstake is to keep the interest of as many sweepers for as long as possible. There s no feeling of being short-changed quite like the one when you chuck… A typical workplace sweepstake is a scheme where the participating employees pay a small amount of money usually one to two pounds to randomly select a team in a sports tournament or a horse in a race. The person who selects the winner either wins all the cash or it s divided up between those who come first, second or third. This all brings me to an important consideration that I m sure has divided many offices The World Cup Sweepstake. A national tradition. An unmissable ingredient to raise the pulse. The best way to waste a pound. The competition winner was fairly obvious. As was the runner-up. But then we get into some uncertain waters. Shirt number sweepstake I am proposing a sweepstake based on shirt numbers. Basically, each participant is randomly allocated a shirt number for the tournament, and you get points every time that number scores. In the World Cup, the squads are numbered 1 to 23. World Cup 2018 FREE sweepstake Download your kit here as England bid for glory Major sporting events are always better when bragging rights over family and friends – or money – are at stake mirror Personal Profile use tags and notes to efficiently organize connections Consider using SMS short message service as a form of mobile marketing to maximize your reach, especially to younger audiences. Use SMS to provide coupons, encourage repeat visits, or announce special time-limited offers to customers who have already signed up to receive your text messages. It s less expensive than a custom mobile app! Be sure to promote sign-ups for your SMS option on all your social media, website, and retail locations, just as you promote sign-ups for an e-newsletter. Clear goals that define immediate success is how this first trigger is typically described. Generally, the thinking s been that clear goals help identify our task so we know what to do and align that task with belief so we know why we re doing it . But the most important piece, as University of Illinois cognitive scientist Daniel Simons discovered, is how clear goals impact attention. Only in Eloe, I said. A few of his conclusions have been disproved by later research. We now know, for example, that he was wrong when he said, In every ad consider only new customers. People using your product are not going to read your ads. The fact is that users of a product read its advertisements more than non-users.