Back in June HODINKEE turned five years old and we launched a massive survey and giveaway to celebrate. Response was unbelievable, with over 5500 HODINKEE readers sharing their thoughts and opinions on watches and HODINKEE with us for a chance to win our special edition Ochs Und Junior Moonphase watch along with other prizes. Today it is our pleasure to announce the lucky winners of our … Watch Learn We Sent a Complete Newbie Shopping for a Rolex. Here s What Happened. Found Carroll Shelby s Prize Patek Philippe From The 1959 24 Hours Of Le Mans. A Week On The Wrist The Omega Speedmaster 321, 39.7mm In Steel. The Man With The Golden Sub. GIVEAWAY A $499 F3 Carbon Fiber Watch Winder From Rapport London. A couple of weeks ago, we did a hands-on review of the F3 watch winder from Rapport London. Well, we ve had our fun with it and now it s time to pass it on to one lucky reader. That s right, HODINKEE is giving away the F3 winder we reviewed. GIVEAWAY Answer Ten Questions, Win A Trip To Visit The Piaget Manufacture In Switzerland. We re back at it, folks. We have partnered back-up with Piaget to send one HODINKEE reader to Switzerland on an all expenses-paid look into one of the oldest and most impressive high-end manufacture in the world. There, the winner will be able to meet the watchmakers behind the lauded and critically … Book Review Giveaway Patek Philippe in America Reference Guide Volume I Men s Wristwatches. When it comes to the history of Patek Philippe in the written word, nothing compares to Patek Philippe in America Marketing the World s Foremost Watch by John Reardon, a contributor to HODINKEE and Senior Vice President of Sotheby s New York. Ben Clymer reviewed it here and we hear that … THE PERSONALIZATION LAW So instead, IBM programmed a computer to evaluate 200 million positions per second. According to Walter, I am being a jackass for not looking at things from your side of the bed. He says it s unreasonable for me to expect that you would constantly reiterate that your husband is incarcerated. He said, This ain t Th e Fugitive . You want her to go running after the one-legged man? See why we call him the Ghetto Yoda? He says that your potential for advancement in your profession will be greatly diminished by having your brand associated with incarceration, which evokes troubling stereotypes of African American life. Except he said it like this She is a black woman and everybody already thinks she got fifty-eleven babies with fifty-eleven daddies that she got welfare checks coming in fifty-eleven people s names. She got that already to deal with, but she got the white folks to believe that she is some kind of Houdini doll maker and she even got them thinking that this is an actual job. She is working her hustle. You think she supposed to get up there talking about her man is in the hoosegow? Soon as she say that, everybody will start looking at her and thinking about the fifty-eleven everythings and she might as well go on back home and work for the phone company. Again, these are his exact words. Before you start pinning, you want to have several boards in place. You ll create new boards while you progress on Pinterest, but do plan the first few. Following are suggestions for your first boards History of your brand Go back to where you began and show how things have changed throughout the years. Pin promotional material or product labels from prior years to show how they ve evolved. History of your products Have your products received a makeover over the years? Has the packaging changed? Or maybe you have an archive of print ads spanning back through the decades. Use these items to create historic boards. When viewers see how long your product has been around, it tells them you have a product and a name worthy of their trust. Brand showcase Entice people into buying by showing them how they can use your product or service. You can even pin unusual or uncommon uses. Additionally, community members love it when they re highlighted on brand pages. Ask your community members to send photos of themselves using your product or service. Who you are A Pinterest board can make a great About page. Use it to highlight your team members, location, mission, and products or services. Tips, how-to s, and DIYs Use your pins to teach. For example, if you re a writer, give tips for creating headlines and hooks. If you re a carpenter, share tips for creating projects that don t look homemade. Gift ideas Product-oriented brands can benefit from pinning gift ideas. Take it even further by pinning a series of gift boards. Books Recommend books that relate to your field. Lead a discussion in the comments section. Sign Off That s all for this time, I hope it helped. Don t forget to click subscribe for lots more social media marketing tips like this one, to give me a like if you enjoyed this video – and to check out the link to my book in the description below. Thanks very much for watching, and good bye!