The magic of this double slider gift card holder is that when you pull on the ribbon to slide the top panel out, magically the bottom panel slides out to reveal a stamped sentiment or note or both ! Here s what the double slider gift card holder looks like fully extended. And here s a fun GIF that shows how this double slider gift card holder … This is a double slider gift card holder featuring the Warm Toasty stamp set! This thing is magic and I can t wait to share this double slider gift card wi… This card is absolutely stunning! It features a double sliding mechanism. It has a pocket that holds a gift card. When the top tab is pulled upward, the gift card from below is revealed. PDF, cut size info and SVG included. For an assembly tutorial on the double sliding mechanism visit YouTube. Lori Whitlock. How to Create and Decorate a Double Slider Gift Card Holder Step by Step. Additional steps not included in video Score each of your Cherry Cobbler cardstock pieces 6x12cm at 2.5cm from one end to form a flap using the Scoring Blade on your Paper Trimmer. Adhere using a small bead of glue down either side. Double Slider Gift Card Holder. This past weekend The KILTS my downline team had our January meeting. We swapped card ideas and a few of us demo d some techniques. I decided to demo a double slider – usually a double slider, that ends up being a normal size card, requires 12 wide cardstock and….as usual I was planning my demo on Saturday … Announcer This man is an imposter. He s not really a Shell dealer. He s going to see if he can talk our customers out of buying Super Shell. Let s watch through this hidden camera. Even the Google camera cars Streitfeld, David, Google Is Faulted for Impeding U.S. Inquiry on Data Collection, New York Times , sec. technology, April 14, 2012, http 2012 04 15 technology google-is-fined-for-impeding-us-inquiry-on-data-collection.html accessed May 3, 2012 . This drew a percussive laugh from Vinge. If I get pushed hard about questions about what the Singularity is going to be like, my most common retreat is to say, Why do you think I called it the singularity? Smartphone app Shutterstock, 125