Identifying Whether an Email, Phone Call, Text Message, or Webpage is from Amazon Here are some tips to determine if an email, phone call, text message, or webpage is not from If you received correspondence regarding an order you didn t place, it likely wasn t from In a different variation, the text message could refer to a fake Amazon Prime Day winner. The scammers tell recipients that the gift will be sent via USPS the United States Postal Office . However, to receive the USPS delivery, the victim has to access a website where they need to fill out a survey. The company said it will not send text messages for surveys, though the company does offer text alerts for package shipments. If you ve received one of these survey messages, here are Samantha … As individuals continue to self-quarantine amid the current coronavirus pandemic also known as COVID-19 , people who are purchasing packages from Amazon and FedEx need to be careful when it comes to opening delivery updates via text and email. Scammers are hoping to profit off customers and are disguising text messages to appear as coming from these well-known enterprises. Amazon Text Message to get $130 Freebie a Survey is just one example of this kind of phishing messages. These scammers can come up with a new way to scam people. So, you should never believe any such message which claims you have won a big amount of money or prizes from some reputed companies. The almost manic rush to build sites in order to market products was fueled by tremendous insecurity on the part of marketers, especially at big companies. It seems relatively low-cost $100,000 to $1 million a year and a great way to appear to be on the cutting edge. The chairman of the board gets to talk about the new technology initiatives at the board meeting, and the marketers get a much needed break from yet another package redesign focus group. How can something as simple as points lead to an 1,800 percent increase in responsiveness? How can prosaic prizes and straightforward sweepstakes do such a great job of modifying consumer behavior? The following year, he had a different mix of students, with more of them falling between the extremes. And the results made it look as though Clifford had progressed from being a failing teacher to being a spectacular one. Such results were all too common. An analysis by a blogger and educator named Gary Rubinstein found that of teachers who taught the same subject in consecutive years, one in four registered a 40-point difference. That suggests that the evaluation data is practically random. It wasn t the teachers performance that was bouncing all over the place. It was the scoring generated by a bogus WMD. The highly interconnected grid communications networks of the future will have vulnerabilities that may not be present in today s grid. Millions of new communicating electronic devices, from automated meters to synchrophasors, will introduce attack vectors paths that attackers can use to gain access to computer systems or other communicating equipment that increase the risk of intentional and accidental communications disruptions. As the North American Electric Reliability Corporation NERC notes, these disruptions can result in a range of failures, including loss of control over grid devices, loss of communications between grid entities or control centers, or blackouts. I laughably refer to Sidewalkers as all credit cards. They drive nice cars and wear expensive clothes, but are one blown gasket away from a total financial meltdown.