This study follows Chipotle s innovative strategy of using branded entertainment and satire to enhance its brand image and positive consumer perceptions, while negatively portraying an entire industry. The study explores audience reactions to Chipotle s satirical Farmed and Dangerous program, part of the company s broader Food with Integrity campaign. Farmed and Dangerous. Featuring the program s three main characters including a villain ominously holding a dev-il s pitchfork and website described the show as, A Chipotle original comedy series that explores the outrageously twisted and utterly unsustainable world of industrial agriculture Farmed and Dangerous, 2014, para 1 … Yer doin it right, Chipotle! Chipotle launched a four part satire called Farmed and Dangerous on Hulu, poking fun at the outrageously twisted and utterly unsustainable world of industrial agriculture. I was expecting it to be kind of a food documentary with a comedian as a host, or something lame like that. But, Now, this week, Chipotle is entering a new realm of marketing, with this week s introduction of a new four-episode online series. The show, called Farmed and Dangerous and available for free on Hulu, is a satirical look at factory farms, Big Agriculture, and processed foods. In a not-remotely-subtle way, the show is also a direct … Solution Working closely with Chipotle, we conceived, wrote, produced and directed the four-part satirical series Farmed and Dangerous , focusing on the fictitious but scarily close to reality Industrial Food Image Bureau IFIB and the world of industrial farming. We also surrounded the show with a universe of elements designed to build … Shell dealer I ll bet you get bad mileage with Super Shell. There s an old saying, In a gold rush, don t dig for gold, sell shovels! When it comes to entry, your industry and your business should not be available to everyone, because if it is, you must be prepared to be exceptional. And if you are exceptional, easy entry becomes not a liability, but an asset. 4. Don t Set Em and Forget Em Your Values Should Be Continually Evolving At this point Goertzel s two dogs joined us in the family room to receive some instructions in Portuguese. Then they left to play in the backyard. But, I said, not ready to let go. He didn t even