Chicago Innovation – Educate, Connect, Celebrate! Next Event Jun 21, 2021 Innovation for the Ages. Become A Member Event Registration. Donate. Members $25 with Promo Code guests $25-35 Join Chicago Innovation Awards, The Retirement Research Foundation, and the Village for a celebration of ageless innovators , who have successfully launched a new product, service, business, or non-profit after the age of 60. The event will spotlight innovators who have reinvented themselves and defied the stereotypical paths to retirement … A technology solution that can figure out exactly how much a consumer values a specific brand. CoolSavings , Inc. s Coupon Technology is a printable coupon technology and promotional services platform, which is used to power the complete interactive and promotional elements of a manufacturer s brand. Teach the kids to code, and they ll build a business, an industry, a future. That s the plan at Codeverse, a Chicago-based studio-school that immerses youngsters aged 6-to-13 years old in a creative environment packed with drones, robots, 3D printers, lasers, lights and games. Mayor Emanuel Monday night was awarded the Visionary Award from the Chicago Innovation Awards at the 11th annual celebration of innovation in the city. He was the first ever public official to receive that honor. Fostering innovation in Chicago is a central focus of my work as Mayor, said Mayor Emanuel. You haven t learned much since graduating from high school or college. I m done with school, hooray! The first problem with frequency is that people may not notice your ads no matter how frequently they re run. Morning-after recall of most TV campaigns varies, but it generally falls below 10 percent. If the morning-after recall of your ad comes in at 10 percent, that means your ad is considered successful even though almost ninety out of one hundred people don t remember it. iStockphoto Time to work smarter, not harder, with content-distribution tools to post your content to many places at once for tasks like the following Routine maintenance Use a content-distribution tool whenever you make updates according to your Social Media Activity Calendar. What a timesaver! Quick event postings Share information from a conference, trade show, meeting, or training session from your phone by sending short text updates to Twitter and LinkedIn. Or take a picture with your smartphone and send it to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. To send something longer, use a distribution tool to post to your blog and Facebook. Daily updates Group all social media services that you might want to update with rapidly changing information, such as a daily sale or the location of your traveling cupcake cart by the hour. It s tough for me to make fun of Weezy because I love his music, but honestly, when you put this little effort into your social media promotion, you re no better than the amateurs sticking promo fliers under people s windshield wipers.