The fastest way to get cash for a gift card is to sell your card at a Gift Card Exchange kiosk the yellow one. Gift Card kiosks formerly owned by Coinstar look like the green kiosk that sounds like a slot machine when people pour coins into the hopper. That s not the machine you need. Coinstar is a company, operated by Outerwall, which has kiosks that exchange coins for notes, and gift cards for cash. It has more than 60,000 kiosks throughout the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and Puerto Rico. Through Coinstar Exchange kiosks, you can trade in your unwanted gift cards for cash instantly! Maybe you ve received a gift card but prefer to have cash that you can spend anywhere instead. Stop by an AnytimeCash kiosk today to convert your unwanted gift cards into cash. We accept most gift cards and our rates are very reasonable so that you get the most money back. Our Cash-2-Card self-service kiosks not only empower your cash-paying customers, but also improve the visibility of your gift card program. Our Cash-2-Card solution also serves as your remote marketing touch point that can enroll customers in your loyalty program and collect valuable consumer information, dispense coupons and promotional cards … Visit your nearest Coinstar Exchange Kiosk in grocery stores near you. 2. Scan or swipe your gift card and accept their cash offer. 3. Verify your identity with your mobile number, driver s license or valid state-issued ID, credit debit card, and email address. 4. Insert your gift card $20 minimum value required . Like all other content-marketing platforms, you don t have to have a presence on every social media platform available. When brands sign on for too many platforms, at least one of them ends up in neglect. It s much better to have a presence on a few platforms than to have dead space and old news on an existing platform. Try building up one platform at a time rather than spreading yourself thin on a variety of social networks. Discovery Laws, 93 129 Much lower down the permission list is brand trust. This is the tried-and-true branding that is the mantra of most Interruption Marketers. It is the virtually unmeasurable but oh-so-fun way to be in the marketing business. For more information about search engine optimization, see Search Engine Optimization All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition, by Bruce Clay John Wiley Sons, Inc. . Dubin, Michael, 14 15