When Bankruptcy Courts Pull the Plug on Gift Cards. Remember Radio Shack? When RadioShack filed for bankruptcy, the company originally said the store would only honor gift cards through March 6, 2015.However, according to the company s website, RadioShack gift cards extended acceptance of the cards for a few weeks March 31, 2015 , pending court approval. As the movie giant goes through bankruptcy, customers around the country are finding out their Blockbuster gift cards are no longer accepted. You may also call 1-800-406-6843 during regular business hours. You can also redeem your gift card at a local Blockbuster store if it is still open for business. Blockbuster is closing more than 1,10o of its 3,300 stores in the U.S. as part of its bankruptcy process. Avoid gift cards from online auction sites. Why did DISH acquire BLOCKBUSTER if it closed its stores and By Mail service? DISH Network acquired the assets of BLOCKBUSTER in April 2011 through a bankruptcy auction. We recognized that the entertainment landscape was changing, and we believe that Blockbuster will continue to evolve its online delivery. … All gift cards must be redeemed … Dump the damn job! That, she said, and it s snowing. Meter s double. We better take the subway. She pointed at a green orb, and we descended a staircase into a world that reminded me of that dark scene in Th e Wiz . But I didn t forget, promising myself I would never find myself in that predicament again. For a while, I was scared to try, thinking that maybe I ruined myself, not in a medical way but in a spiritual one. Implementing Twitter Cards is a multistep process. Ask your programmer to follow the directions at https dev.twitter.com cards and then request approval at https cards-dev.twitter.com validator . Alternatively, your programmer could add the following metatag to your web pages Could intelligence augmentation IA ever deliver an intelligence explosion? Certainly, on about the same time line as AGI. Just imagine a human, an elite programmer, whose intelligence is so powerfully augmented that her already formidable programming skills are made better faster, more knowledgeable, and attuned to improvements that would increase her overall intellectual firepower. This hypothetical post-human could program her next augmentation.